Are you curious what would happen if you dedicated 30 minutes per day to working your abs for 16 days straight? I am curious!

Starting on 7th September Mike and I will be dedicating 30 minutes per day to our abdominals. We are going to do this using abdominal based AMRAPs. AMRAP stands for As Many Rounds As Possible. Each day we will set an AMRAP and send you a video of it ready for the next day. An example might be:

AMRAP: 4 Jacknifes - 4 plank hops - 4 hugs - 4 reptiles - 4 get ups

The goal is to complete 'as many rounds as possible' in 30 mins.

This can be done in one go (30 minutes straight) or broken down into 3 x 10 minute sections recording your scores as you go.

Mike and I will complete the challenge each day and share our scores with you in a dedicated challenge whatsapp group. The challenges will be shared via video in whatsapp and you will complete the challenges at home.

Being part of the challenge group means that you receive the group enthusiasm & support and you can share your scores with the group for adding motivation.

The cost of this challenge is just £15, that's less than £1 per day.

TO SIGN-UP Go to the booking site and look for the 7th Sep on the timetable. You will see the challenge there and you can purchase in the usual way.

Mike Smith