Want to enjoy September wearing a smaller jeans size?


Harnessing the benefit of reduced appetites in warmer weather we are about to begin our summer shred. This programme is for anyone wanting to lose weight. The tailored food strategy has been personally tested by us to ensure its effectiveness.

The shred begins with a weigh in and photos. Being part of a group who are all shredding together means that you receive the group enthusiasm, motivation, support and accountability. I believe this is critical for success.

The 8 Week Shred Plan £60 includes unlimited workouts and a proven food strategy that allows your preferred treats to be a daily occurrence.


Is it ok to join if I have a holiday during the 8 weeks?
Yes of course, in fact it’s probably the best gift you can give yourself. You can still shred whilst on holiday.

I can’t make all the workouts, is it worth my joining?
It depends if you can commit to some home workouts, running, cycling, HIIT, classes at the gym etc. You need to be aiming for 6 workouts per week for the plan to be effective.
It is possible to lose weight following the food plan with no exercise but there will be no room for treats.

Mike Smith