The SHRED programme

The Shred programme has been designed for clients wanting to lose weight. The serious and tailored food strategy has been personally tested by us to ensure its effectiveness.

See below for before and after pictures of clients who have been on the programme.

The shred begins with a weigh in and photos. Being part of a group who are all shredding together means that you receive the group enthusiasm, motivation, support and accountability. We believe this is critical for success.

The 2 month Shred Plan costs just £90 and includes:
• Unlimited bootcamps
• Proven food strategy for weight loss
• Menu plans
• Personal support from your coach and group support from the group
• Weekly weigh ins

Summer Shred RESULTS



Kat didn’t actually attend bootcamp but she did follow the exercise protocols that are laid out in the shred programme and of course she followed the food strategy.

“I am thrilled with the results of my summer shred with Sally... It feels so good to be lighter and I'm enjoying being a dress size smaller.

Being part of Sally's shred group provided a structure and a huge about of support for the hard work involved in losing weight. Sally can't lose the weight for you... but she provides a diet framework, exercise protocol and a huge about of support. The rest is up to you!

My work hours and childcare commitments made it hard for me to get to bootcamp but I stuck to the rules on exercise and that worked for me. Keeping up the exercise was made much easier when Sally sent a video workout that I could do from home in my own time.

If you're serious about losing weight and getting fit then this programme really works. Good luck!!”

RESULT - Kat has lost 8.3kg in weight, 9cm off her waist, 8.8cm off her hips and 2cm off her thighs



“I cannot praise Sally and the Shred enough.
I have tried many diets/fitness plans before but this is the first time I’ve ever stuck to one and actually met my goal weight.

I now weigh less than I did before I had my two children and I feel fitter than ever.
The plan is easy to follow which was vital for me - I was able to fit it around my family and it’s actually improved the eating habits of us all.

The Bootcamp sessions are addictive and the camaraderie within the group has been amazing! Cannot wait for the next one!”

RESULT - Siobhan has lost 5.6kg in weight, 9.5cm off her waist, 6cm off her hips and 2cm off her thighs



"7 weeks into Shred I jumped 8cm higher in the high jump, 5kg weight loss paying dividends! I also had PB's in my 3km and 10km runs ... the shred programme works."

RESULT - Dave has lost 5.6kg in weight, 10cm off his waist



“I have been unhappy with my weight for a quite a few years now despite trying various diets and at the start of this summer I was the heaviest I've ever been.

I have been attending Sally's Blackheath Bootcamp since the start of 2019 and I've enjoyed improving my strength and my fitness so when she suggested trying a summer shred, I happily signed up as my diet definitely needed to change.

Taking part in the summer shred is the best decision I've made for myself for a long time. I surprised myself at the weight I've lost and importantly I've done it healthily. I learned about calorie counting and using this correctly meant I could still enjoy my social life at the weekend (no-one wants to give up beer and wine!). Sally is so supportive, regularly checking in and advising me, and having a weekly weigh in with her gave me the focus to keep going. The other people taking part were so encouraging, which often made a tough day a lot easier. I've also tried out a lot of new healthy recipes from sharing food ideas!

I've still got a bit of work to do which is why I'll be taking part in the festive shred starting in October, and I highly recommend anyone who wants to lose weight, improve their diet and discover a lot of new fun exercises to sign up!”

RESULT - Kitsty has lost 5.7kg in weight, 9.5cm off her waist, 6cm off her hips and 2cm off her thighs



“I am so glad I signed up for Summer Shred. I’ve lost weight in the past, but always managed to put it back on again but with this plan I feel like I’ve learned a lot about my eating habits and now to maintain a healthier lifestyle without depriving myself of the things l love. It encouraged me to get create with food again and fall back in love with making my own food and recipes.

I lost 7.1kg but I gained so much more in other ways - confidence, motivation and friends!

The support you get from everyone else on the plan is amazing and the exercise is fun and challenging.

Sally is such a great motivator and teacher and she always has time for everyone on the plan and in class.

RESULT - Stacey has lost 5.6kg in weight, 9.5cm off her waist, 6cm off her hips and 2cm off her thighs



“Before I joined Blackheath Bootcamp, I was stuck in a bit of a rut - working a lot, feeling constantly tired, spending my evenings in front of the TV, not really taking care of myself - but you made me fall in love with exercise (and my body!) again.

The Summer Shred food plan has been so easy to follow and the bootcamp sessions are always varied and fun. You place massive importance on making sure everyone enjoys their exercise, which has completely transformed my attitude to fitness. I once thought of exercise as a chore, but now I genuinely look forward to each class. The workouts are challenging but you can take it at your own pace and it’s all about pushing yourself, exploring your own body’s limits and simply ‘having a go’. The friendly support from everyone in the group has been brilliant in helping me stay on track and, from day one, I was made to feel part of the squad.

I just kept turning up and trying things out and it wasn’t long before I saw improvements in my body shape and physical strength. Not only has the Summer Shred helped me to lose 6kg but I’ve also gained renewed confidence and motivation! I now feel fitter, stronger and much happier with my body. Thank you!”

RESULT - Sadie has lost 5.6kg in weight, 3cm off her waist, 4cm off her hips and 4cm off her thighs



“I found bootcamp at the start of July when the Summer Shred was starting and I’m so glad that I joined! I was apprehensive about going to a group class but Sally and all the others have made it so welcoming.

No one judges your ability and everyone is just having loads of fun. I managed to lose over 7kg in the 2 months I did Shred and I keep going back because every class is different. This keeps me motivated. I love everyone’s enthusiasm and energy too. Really helps that hour to fly by and makes me look forward to the next one!!

The only thing I would say is that I wish I had found Blackheath Bootcamp sooner!!”

RESULT - Donna has lost 5.6kg in weight, 9.5cm off her waist, 6cm off her hips and 2cm off her thighs


…the results speak for themselves

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