“Sally is very good at motivating you. Her infectious positivity is what you need at 9:30 in the morning on a Saturday! I like the mixture between strength and aerobic, because my body always feels like it’s had a thorough workout. Plus I’ve found training outside really refreshing. Sally is energetic, fun and committed … and I can’t recommend her enough!”


I started attending Sally’s bootcamp in January in a New Years resolution bid to lose some weight and improve my fitness. Having never attended a bootcamp before, I didn’t know what to expect except shouting and pain - thankfully i was wrong! Sally uses a variety of exercises which change week to week to keep your body guessing. She combines strengthening and flexibility drills such as yoga with cardio and weights to provide a brilliant workout that will suit everyone, no matter their goals. I am now able to perform exercises I would never have attempted on my own and already I’ve noticed an improvement in my abilities and fitness. The group set up keeps you motivated, everyone is very friendly and welcoming, and Sally gives one on one help to improve technique, and makes adjustments when required to tailor to individual limitations. I definitely recommend Blackheath Bootcamp and encourage anyone looking for something different to check it out!


I can't say enough about Blackheath Bootcamp. As a guy, I was a bit hesitant at first to go to a "bootcamp" but I can tell you that Boot Camp with Sally is no joke. What I really like about her style is that no workout is ever the same and while she is there to push you, she is not someone who is in your face yelling at you. She accepts all levels of fitness and it shows not only in the results but by how many repeat customers she has. The workouts are long enough to push you but not so hard that you are exhausted throughout the rest of the day which was really important to me. I have developed strength and muscle mass attending over a 3 month period. So if you want to try something out of the ordinary, get a true full body workout, and all the while having a ton of fun with cool people, then Sally's bootcamp is for you.


Discovering Sally’s bootcamps has been brilliant. So friendly, exercises to suit all levels of fitness and flexibility. Classes are convenient and brilliant value for money. Everyone makes you feel really welcome and I leave each one feeling 100% healthier and happier!


Blackheath Bootcamp is unlike others I have tried in the area. It’s not intimidating, it’s great for all fitness levels; whether it’s your first time exercising or you are a fitness freak Sally makes sure you feel comfortable working at your own level. It’s great fun, social, inclusive and every session is different which keeps it interesting!


Blackheath Bootcamp is such a fun way to get fit. Sally makes sure to support all attendees no matter how many people attend. After each session I’m always left feeling an achievement. I started in December 2018 and love every session. mI’m already toning up and have lost weight around my stomach. If you’re unable to carry out exercises Sally will always give you an alternative, so you’ll never feel you’re missing out, as she always reminds us “everybody’s body is different.