Where are you based?

Our location is on Blackheath, Greenwich and we meet by the pond in front of the Princess of Wales pub. To see our exact location on a map scroll to the bottom of this page.

When are the classes?

You can book classes and view the live timetable click here

Additional classes are added to the schedule ad hoc, keep a look out!

How much are the classes?

Option 1: A single class is £10. The most expensive option. We encourage you to try more than one class. Trying a single class doesn’t give you a full idea of Blackheath Bootcamp as each class is a bit different.

Option 2: Class cards - Classes are just £5 each, you need to buy 3 at a time, so each 3 class card is £15. Perfect if you’re trying us out or only visiting once a week. Class cards have an 8 week expiry form the date of first use. All unused cards expire after 6 months. When you’re on the booking site you will see this option listed underneath the ‘Single Class’.

Option 3: Unlimited 28 days - £30. Just select the first class you want to attend and purchase the pass. The 28 days will begin from that first class.

Option 4: We offer our weight loss Shred Programme 3 times per year. It’s £90 for 2 calendar months and includes a full programme of support, weekly weigh ins, extra classes and menu plans and food strategy. To purchase you need to select your first weigh in on the timetable and then you will see ticket options. You need to purchase the appropriate shred class pass.

Summer Shred - July & August

Festive Shred - October & November

New Year Shred - February & March

Please note that no refunds are given for any reason. We do not freeze, extend or refund any type of package. Blackheath Bootcamp is run as a budget low cost service for Blackheath locals. We do all that we can to keep the costs low for our customers. We may occasionally cancel classes due to extreme weather conditions or sickness. Unlimited passes are not extended or part-refunded for this. An online booking fee will also be added at the checkout.

How much is personal training?

£45 per hour. You can invite up to 5 friends to share this class with you and split the cost. Choose the best time for your group to workout, choose the best type of class, choose the intensity level.

How much are mummy & buggy classes?

£45 per hour. You can invite up to 5 friends to share this class with you and split the cost. Choose the best time for your group to workout, choose the best type of class, choose the intensity level. Babies, toddlers and children very welcome.

Do I have to commit to a time period?

No, we have participants that join us for both occasional and regular classes. You can dip in and out as it suits you.

I’m a complete beginner, will I be ok?

We welcome all fitness levels. Even complete beginners who may say “I couldn’t run 50 yards for a bus”. The classes are structured in such a way that you can gently gather fitness and strength alongside others who are fitter than you. We always have some complete beginners in every class. Adaptations are given for all exercises, base level, intermediate and advanced. We have varying weights and strength categories. If we’re running there are always short, medium and longer runs. The group is extremely welcoming and inclusive. As a total beginner you may prefer to miss the warrior class on Thursday evening.

I’m fit already, will the class be challenging for me?

Yes! Just trust us on that. Come and find out how we make that happen.

What should I wear and bring?

Layers are really important. The heath can be windy so arrive with an extra layer. In the winter it’s important to arrive in a winter coat that you can take off once you warm up. This is especially important for after the workout as well. Gloves are handy as every workout you will have your hands on the ground. Bring a water bottle with you.

I have an injury, is it possible to skip certain exercises?

Absolutely, we encourage you to gently rehab any injuries with great care. Whenever possible we will give you alternative exercises or you can just sit one out.

How do I join?

Go to our booking system (link below). You’ll be able to see the timetable, then the first step is to purchase a ticket type. The tickets available are on the bottom right of the booking page. Select a class on the left and then view the ticket types on the bottom right. Select your preferred ticket type and then purchase the ticket. A small booking fee will be added at the checkout. Once you have purchased a ticket you’ll be able to book the classes that you want to attend.

Click here to visit our booking system.

Do I need to book classes?

Yes! You need to book classes on our booking system. You can book classes up to a month in advance provided you have a valid class card or unlimited ticket. Please visit the booking system to purchase a ticket and book classes.

Can I cancel a booked class?

You can cancel booked classes up to 5 hours before the class. This gives us time to offer the space to another participant.

What if I cancel late (in less than 5 hours)?

If you have a class card you will lose a class.

Unlimited ticket holders can late cancel 3 times per month. Any more than 3 times per month and you lose the opportunity to reserve classes the following month.

Do you have a waiting list if the class is full?

Yes we do. When you go to book a full class you will be offered the waiting list. If a space becomes available we email the first in line on the waiting list. After 45 minutes we email the next in line and so on and so on. So on the waiting list you need to check your emails. This is why the late cancel needs to be 5 hours before so that we have time to offer the space to another participant.

Why do I have to pay a booking fee?

In order to keep the costs as low as possible for these bootcamp classes the worldpay card fees are being added at the checkout. It’s 2.75% + £0.20 per booking. This will mean a fee of between £.060 and £1.57 will be added to your purchase.

Do you have an app?

No, but our booking system and website can be used on your smartphone web browser.

How long will it take to see results?

That depends on how often you attend and your diet. Even doing just one class a week you will notice strength gains after 3 classes. Attending 2-3 classes weekly you’ll very quickly become stronger and more flexible. If you want to re-shape or lose weight then your diet will also be an important factor (see below about nutrition).

Do you offer nutrition plans?

Yes our Shred Programme offers you the chance to learn an effective way to reduce body fat. Please get in touch if you’d like to know more.

What can I expect at the workouts?

The best thing about Blackheath Bootcamp is the variety in the classes, they’re always changing. To get an idea of the things we do have a look at our social media pages for photos and videos @blackheathbootcamp.

Is there any parking at the location?

Yes, it’s possible to park on South Row right next to bootcamp. It’s free of charge weekdays after 7pm and it’s free of charge on Sundays. You do have to pay on Saturdays and in the daytime prior to 7pm on weekdays, it’s metered parking and is approximately £1.80 per hour. The app for phone payment is RingGo and the location is 1570.

What ages are participants?

Really varied, our youngest participant so far has been 10 and the oldest in the 70’s. It’s a great community to be a part of. There is no ‘age’ here. Children need to be accompanied by an adult.

How do I keep in touch with whats going on?

We have 2 whatsapp groups you’ll be invited to join.

  1. Social Whatsapp: This is for planning drinks and food with other participant, a chance to motivate and inspire each other sharing info, pictures etc and a chance for a bit of banter.

  2. Announcements Whatsapp: This is for us to communicate important info and we ask that only instructors post in this whatsapp group. If you want to reply to something in this group please use a private message to do this.

Please also follow us on social media, see the links at the bottom of this page. Our handle is @blackheathbootcamp.

I have questions that aren’t answered here, please can you call me?

Yes of course, please enter your details below to request a call back

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